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The pitch

7 musicians, 7 countries, 8 months creating together without ever meeting each other in person. A European adventure in which the language of emotions finds its voice in music. An interactive project to plunge into the intimacy of these artists who have made a profession out of their passion. A documentary at the heart of a process of an unprecedented form of musical creation culminating in a final concert. You are in the front row. Let the music begin !

The project creator

Gi&Jo Sparks Paris, France view my profil

Presentation of the project

English Teaser :

I would rather tell you about it in a little introduction:

This crowdfunding is a quest. A gamble. Love at first sight. As is the case with every adventure, it requires a little bit of courage and curiosity. Are you still reading? Well then you are curious.

Gi&Jo Sparks is Giulia Pagnini and Jonathan Mahier’s baby. It is not a baby, but a transmedia production company. A little start up with big ambitions. Within the catalogue of our ideas, we have set up an initial project for which this crowdfunding initiative is destined: the Concert ephemere.

However, before, sketching the stave, let’s draw the treble clef.

In October 2014, there were two of us. There are now ten of us, 5 musicians, 3 co-production entities, 1 artistic director, a web project manager, all set up in the 4 corners of Europe, in Norway, Finland but also in Portugal, France, England, Germany and Holland. Not to mention the audio-visual professionals involved, from the multimedia field, contributing their help and precious skills on a regular basis. They are all highly motivated.

On average, we are all around thirty years old, and so we have had enough time on the planet to learn how to be pragmatic and concrete in our ambition and direction. However, we are still young, unruly and creative as well!

Our idea? : To make a documentary which goes beyond the interactive experiences already on offer. The theme? Music. Why ? « Because music is perhaps the only example of what might have been-if language, formation of words, analysis of ideas had not been invented- communication between souls »*.

Have you never dreamed of putting your talents and the activities you are passionate about but have more often than not forgotten, to good use in your work?

This idea transformed into an initial concrete multimedia project: For the first time in Europe, the spectator will be immersed in the intimacy of 7 professional artists, 7 worlds, 7 nationalities, 7 different musical styles, reunited via the prism of music as a universal language during the creation of a body of work, with a final exclusive concert at the end of it all.

Your participation via transmedia will be based on 3 main "tempos."

1) An intimate web series where we get to know the 7 musicians who tell their story to a camera about their professional path so far and their daily life. Why did they choose this path? How did they become professional musicians? What kind of difficulty, joy, and sacrifice have they been faced with? What kind of life do they have? Internet users will be able to ask them questions and some of them will be included in the discussion.
Throughout the web series, the young musicians will have the opportunity to exchange and compare their experiences, with « senior », experienced musicians who have had their skin tanned and sunburnt by harmonic journeys, for whom music has become a central part of life.

2) A televised documentary series which gives you the opportunity to hide behind the television screen to observe the only physical meeting between the 7 artists, all with different personalities for an event which you will be able to take part in and in which you will be able to get to know their professional and personal relationships throughout the 8 month creative process.
How will the rapper Jonny Virgo manage to write lyrics for the tune composed by Liina, the Finnish cellist?
Will she manage to come out of the rigour imposed by classical music to adapt to the trip-hop style of Siv, the
Norwegian drummer? Will Christian, the German jazz pianist manage to distil his tranquillity when faced with the spontaneous gypsy jazz guitarist Aurélien? Will the adventure, the body of work be successful?

3) A live concert broadcast on television. The concert will be an ephemeral and unique real life experience. It will also make up the last segment of the documentary series broadcast on television. During the concert, young musicians will unveil their work, the creation of which you will have followed every step of, which will decorate their music with images: the moment where the guitarist’s fingers played that powerful riff. The hours of training on the drums to get the exact and regular tempo which you have just heard. Their music is in your ears, and you will feel like you have been at their side throughout it all. You will feel like you have supported them. You will feel like you have put a little bit of sweat into making this concert possible. And that is exactly what you will have done. Their success will also be your success and you will be there to have a piece of it.

We will complete this project with: à web and mobile app which will allow you, amongst other things to remain connected to the creation of this body of work on a daily basis thanks to comments and accounts written by the musicians. They will also allow you to find out about events. You will also be able to chat to other spectators or making a piece of graphic artwork via a software programme included in the app which will be used and put online for one of the trailers.

A game « Marvellous melody » on YouTube allows you to take part in the creation of soundtrack elements of the project and your tune may be selected for the support act for the Concert Ephemère.

This project, in which each part can be experienced separately, is intertwined, allowing each participant to flutter around from one part to another. By this, we mean that we want to give everyone the freedom to choose what suits them so that they can have an experience which suits them.

The Concert ephemère functions only with habits which allow you to completely immerse yourself in this adventure without having to make an effort. All you have to do in this adventure is switch on the television, go onto the website or buy a concert ticket. Because we travel not to change place but ideas*.

Everything you are going to experience as of now will be a real experience. In this project, fictional elements are only used to accentuate reality. Choices, interactions, feelings will not be expressed by actors or pixels but by musicians…and by you.

So how is it going?

As it stands today, beyond simple fundraising, we can offer an initial template of this epic saga, an initial experience.

We have made a teaser, visible on this page, for which the soundtrack was composed by the musicians themselves without ever having met each other in person.

Our rewards system based on donations is enriched by annex operations, which you can find in our Tumblr, so that your involvement is not limited to taking out your bank card if that is what you wish.

We keep an element of surprise but you can follow the diary of the producers on a daily basis via the blog, Facebook or Twitter. Other videos will be added regularly, and for some selection processes, we will ask you to vote. We have also planned evening events, and meetings, primarily on Paris for this first experience. We will of course let you know as soon as possible!

The quest:

Now let’s talk about you. There is no magic without alchemy and there is no interaction without participation. We have decided to launch a crowdfunding operation at this stage in our development as we are aiming for something which is not just funding: but we are also looking for our broadcasters. Our philosophy is simple: this project is for you, it is in your hands. If you show us what you want in numbers, no matter how much you donate, we will all be onto a winning formula.

Let’s finish on a positive note:

Obviously, once again, we must say that any donation, no matter how small, is useful.

Our gamble is to create a system in which this campaign can function in order to have the funding for the objectives we have set but also to show our broadcasters our potential and the desire of spectators to see this project take off. For us it is a first step which is essential for the development of our project.
We have big ambitions but we remain pragmatic and realistic. Our total budget does not cover even a twelfth of the average budget of a full length film. If you are curious about this, you can ask for more information.

Your gamble is that you lose 20€, that's true. And these days, 100€, 50€, or even 10€, is a lot to lose.
However, it is also a means of taking part in a project which is unique for its time. A project which has never existed before in this form or with this kind of concept.

To be a part of the precursors who will have experienced the beginnings of the future of multimedia. As we said right from the start, it is a gamble.
The gamble of experiencing something new and being able to say to your children in 20 years, when it will all have become banal and obvious, « I was there when they started all of that. »

Note: Some rewards can only be awarded if the project is able to be completed in its full form as it is designed at present. If the project cannot be fully accomplished, they will not be made available.

*: There are 3 quotes which have been manipulated in this text. The first three people to find the name of their authors will have their names written on the producers foreheads throughout filming.
Images will be provided as evidence.

Project team

the casting

the team

  • Giulia Pagnini Executive producer Web site Jonathan Mahier Executive producer Web site Joséphine Dive Art director Filipé Araújo Portuguese Co-producer Web site Zeynep Nuhoglu British Co-producer Maria Willer German Co-producer Web site

What will the money be used for?

For €5,000 or more

Location searching in European cities.

For €10,000 or more

Equipment and resources to cover all technical sound needs.

For €15,000 or more

Equipment and resources to cover all technical filming and photography needs.

For €20,000 or more

Web design.


Yoohoo! Un grand merci à vous tous qui avez contribué à la campagne Touscoprod du Concert Éphémère! Un grand merci pour vos encouragements, vos likes (près de 900 sur la page facebook du projet) et vos dons! Nous avons pu récolter 5061€ et soyez sur que nous allons les utiliser à bon escient! 5000€ c'est beaucoup, mais surtout, ça n'a pas de prix, puisqu'à travers ces dons vous avez montré qu'une communauté veut voir aboutir le projet, qu'elle le soutient et qu'elle croit en ses valeurs! Merci donc à vous tous, de France et de Navarre, d'Italie, du Portugal, d'Allemagne, d'Angleterre et d'ailleurs pour croire au rêve musical européen que nous essayons de mettre en place. Continuez de suivre le Concert Éphémère sur Facebook et Twitter, grâce à vous aujourd'hui nous pouvons vraiment dire que l'aventure ne fait que commencer! À très vite, et bonnes vacances à tous!

Mi piace, Mi piace, Mi piace, Luciana

Mi piace, Riccardo

Mi piace e vi seguirò nel percorso - Auguroni per un grande successo, Foffo

Very nice innovative project. Looking forwards to see the action. Have fun!

surely an idea to be followed up with delight, good luck - will follow you, Roberto

looking forward to the concert, sound a lovely idea

Hello Everybody! This is the best first day of campaign ever! Thank you for your support! Don't hesitate to spread the news!

New and nice idea, should be fun good luck Riccardo

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