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Here are answers to frequently asked questions.

Who are we?

Since our launch in 2009, 5,159,841 euros has been pledged by over 50 000 members to help producing more than 775 films. Discover Touscoprod in 1 minute:

What is Touscoprod ?

touscoprod is a crowdfunding platform exclusively dedicated to films and to the audiovisual. Created January 20, 2009, Touscoprod stands out by the quality of its catalog (including 6 selections at Cannes, two Oscar nominations, one Golden Bear in Berlin and many other awards). Our services allow you to organize a fundraising to finance a project and distribute it. Our office is ideally located at the foot of Montmartre in Paris. Meet our team.

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Everything that’s video related is welcome on our website: feature films, short films, documentaries, web-documentaries, animated films, video games, web series, project pilot, you name it! To be eligible, projects must comply with the law and with the website's ethics regarding explicit content (racist, pornographic, violent, abusive, libellous, etc. )

What is crowdfunding ?

Crowdfunding was developed in the 2000s thanks to the rise of social networks. This new type of collaborative economy aims to financially mobilize a community around a project.

Touscoprod allows you to involve your network (from the closest to the farthest) in the objective of funding and distributing your film.

Touscoprod allows to carry out projects which would not have been brought to life otherwise through traditional channels, to confront your projects to an audience and potentially adapt them accordingly, to create a community while engaging yourself in a real human adventure.

How does it work?

How does a fundraiser work on Touscoprod?

Each project is uploaded and managed independently by the project creator. They take responsibility for and have complete control over their artistic vision.

The project creator sets a period of time, an amount and fills out the “launching your project” page. Once completed, a Touscoprod coach validates the project’s submission and guides the project creator.

Touscoprod is a crowdfunding platform with non-financial rewards.

Once a member invests in a project, he automatically becomes a "backer" and can benefit from rewards offered by the project creator. Once the campaign is launched, the project creator must communicate on his project in order to drive traffic to his page and attract potential backers. In the end, the campaign is considered "funded" if the goal has been reached. Conversely, it will be considered “failed”. Touscoprod is basing is applying the "all or nothing” rule.

What is the rule of "all or nothing”?

This means that if the fundraising goal is not reached within the time frame (both set by the project creator), all the backers are reimbursed and no fee is retained.

What is a backer?

The term "backer" is awarded to a person who financially supports a project on Touscoprod. They can be friends, relatives, friends of friends or belong to a larger audience simply attracted to a project or/and its rewards. Beyond simple financial support, backers may see as the main incentive that the project sees the light of day.

No, the backers get no intellectual rights of the film. Backers can only benefit from non-financial rewards and from a viewing of the film when offered. The project creator shall retain full ownership of his project.

Who can launch a project on Touscoprod?

The platform is open to all who wish to make an audiovisual project without restrictions of nationality, gender or format. The project creator must be a person or entity. The project creator is however responsible for any copyrights infringements.

How to Sign up on Touscoprod?

To sign up please go to the login page, all you have to do is to fill in the requested fields. This process should not take you longer than 2 minutes.

Is it possible to sign up using your Facebook account? Yes, click on the Facebook logo on the login page. Once registered you will be automatically logged-in.

It is also possible to sign up via other social networks such as Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, etc.

Why register?

Registration allows you to:
- Launch your project on Touscoprod
- Become a backer
- Post comments on projects’ pages
- Receive the Touscoprod newsletter

How is Touscoprod remunerated?

If the project reaches the goal set by the project creator, it is considered "financed". Touscoprod then takes a commission of 8% including VAT of the amount raised by the campaign (5% of the total amount + 3% fee on transactions).

If the project does not meet its target, no charges are levied and backers are reimbursed.

Do all projects on Touscoprod manage to reach their fundraising target on ?

At Touscoprod, 69% of the projects submitted meet or exceed their objective.

A crowdfunding campaign requires great commitment and the establishment of a trusting relationship with your backers. Feel free to attend our workshops to learn more about crowdfunding best practices and increase your chances of success. Sign up to our newsletter to see upcoming dates.

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