touscoprod FAQ

Here are answers to frequently asked questions.

Who are we?

touscoprod is a crowdfunding platform that’s all about audiovisual media. We fund feature films, short films, documentaries, web documentaries, animations, video games and absolutely anything involving video.

Six selections in Cannes, two Oscar nominations andone Golden Bear in Berlin, set touscoprod apart in terms of the catalogue’s quality. This critical acclaimed and rewarded films otherwise would never have seen the light of day without the community support offered by touscoprod!

Since we launched our site on 20 January 2009, we have collected over €3,313,675 which have been used to produce over 357 films.

Who are the team behind touscoprod?

We are a team of 8 (sometimes more, sometimes less), our offices are located in the 18th arrondissement in Paris. You can meet our crowdfunding coaches during our masterclasses two wednesdays a month at the Anticafé. The rest of the time is spent answering questions from creators and backers, helping creators submitting and animating their projects or inventing new great services to help creators to reach their goal on touscoprod.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding enables you to involve your network (from the closest to the most remote) in funding and promoting your film. Crowdfunding is much more than just funding, and each subscriber’s contribution extends beyond the budgetary realm. Raising the profile of your project, attracting new subscribers and bringing your audience together even before your film is released - this is what your backers actually do.

How does touscoprod work?

touscoprod hosts all kinds of audiovisual projects. Each project is submitted and managed independently by the project creator. They take responsibility for and have complete control over their artistic vision. Project creators build their touscoprod page, post their videos and updates, and offer their backers creative rewards. When they are ready, the creators launch their project and share it with their community.

Why is it all or nothing ?

Because if you start by asking €5000 to fund your project, you can’t tell your backers you’ll settle for €1000 if the campaign doesn’t succeed : it’s the bet you take with them from the beginning. It’s also a motivation for your backers : they want to help you reach a particular goal.
For your information, our success rate is 68% with an average of 8000€ raised by project.

Who are the backers?

Many backers are people who rally around their friends’ projects. Some support people they have admired for a long time. Many just want to back a new idea or support a cause. Others are inspired by the rewards or just feel like taking part in your endeavour.

Where do backers come from?

In many cases, backers are friends of the project creator. If they like it, they tell their friends about it and so on. Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are good means of attracting traffic to your page.

Why will backers take a bet on my project?

For our backers, supporting a project is a great deal more than simply donating cash, they are also backing a dream that they want to see coming to fruition.

Do backers receive financial reward from or rights to my project?

touscoprod is a crowdfunding platform based on donations in exchange for non-financial compensation. The project creator retains full title to the intellectual property and rights for his project.

How is touscoprod remunerated?

Si le projet atteint les 100% de sa jauge, touscoprod déduira 8% T.T.C. du montant récolté (5% de commission + 3% de frais de transactions sécurisées) par votre campagne.

Who can launch a project on touscoprod?

The platform is open to all those who wish to carry out an audiovisual project without any restriction on content or genre. The project creator must be an adult individual or legal entity To be selected, projects must comply with the law, avoiding in particular topics that are racist, pornographic, violent, abusive, libelous, etc. in nature.You shall ensure that your project does not reproduce any copyright-protected work without authorisation. Finally, in order to receive your funds collected, you or your company must possess a bank account.