Members and backers FAQ

Here are answers to frequently asked questions.

How to produce / back a project?

How does one back a project?

To back a project and get attractive rewards, simply register for free on Touscoprod here.

Once logged in, browse our catalog and choose the project you would like to pledge money to, select the rewards you are interested in and pay using your credit card or your PayPal account.

What is a backer?

The term "backer" is awarded to a person who financially backs a project on Touscoprod. They can be friends, relatives, friends of friends or belong to a larger audience simply attracted to a project or/and its rewards. Beyond simple financial support, backers may see as the main incentive that the project sees the light of day.

Why back a project on Touscoprod?

Backing a film project on Touscoprod is primarily a human adventure that can allow a project to be brought to life while getting a glimpse at the wonderful world of the audiovisual.

Who can back projects on Touscoprod?

Any physical or non physical entity in possession of a credit card or a paypal account can pledge money to a Touscoprod project and thus become a backer.

How can I promote the project and help bringing it to life beyond my financial support?

On each project page, you have the promotional tools to inform your relatives of the existence of the movie you have chosen to support. These tools are located on the right of the video or visual associated with the project. You can share it directly on facebook, twitter, linkedin, gmail etc. You can also get the widget and embed it on your own website / personal blog.

Can I write a project creator?

Yes, you can post a comment at the bottom of each project page and the project creator will be notified by email when you do. when the funding ends, the project creator will contact you by email about the delivery of your reward.

How will I be alerted when the project I support reaches its goal?

You will be notified by email within a few hours after the funding ends no matter the outcome.

When I support a project, what information is passed on to the project creator?

Project creators will see your Touscoprod account name, your email, mailing address, your pledge amount, and the reward you’ve selected. Creators never receive backers’ credit card details or other payment information.


What is a reward?

A reward is a non-financial “thing” given in exchange of a backer’s financial contribution. Each project creator offers a range of rewards according to the amount pledged. Example: screenings, invitations to the set, goodies, meetings with the film crew and much more.

Can I contribute several times to the same project?

Yes, you can contribute as many times as you want and hence choose multiple rewards. Each time you pledge money to a project it needs to be an amount matching one of the rewards offered.

Can I combine my contributions for a better reward ?

You can contribute to a project as many times as you want. If you wish to receive a reward corresponding to a higher contribution, just make a second contribution until you reach the amount matching the desired reward. Then please send an email to , quoting your username, the project’s name and the reward you would like!

For example: I chose a reward corresponding to a 30€ pledge, to change for the invitation to the wrap party corresponding to a 70€ pledge, just add 40€ and notify us about that change!

How to offer a reward ?

When pledging money to a project, just tick the “I want to gift this reward” when choosing your reward!

A window will then pop up asking you information about the gift beneficiary.

The beneficiary automatically becomes a backer himself and will be notified by email about the reward.

How do I get my reward?

The reward you have chosen will be delivered/sent by the project creator. You will be contacted when the fundraising ends.

How to claim my reward if I have not yet received it?

The first thing to do, is to contact the project creator, as he is responsible for sending rewards to his backers. If you get no response from the project creator then contact

The transactions / payments

How to pledge money to project on Touscoprod?

Once logged in, browse our catalog and choose the project you would like to pledge money to, select the rewards you are interested in and pay using your credit card or your PayPal account.

What payment methods can I use on the site?

To support a project, there are three methods of payment. You can use a credit card (Visa, Mastercard…), a PayPal account or your reserve. All payments on the site are completely secure.

Can I pledge by check?

Currently we only support credit card payments. In order for your pledge to count towards a project's fundraising, you must pledge through the project page using a credit card. If unable to pay by card or via paypal, contact the project creator directly.

Are payments on Touscoprod secure?

Yes, the data transfer is secured by SSL, so all data is encrypted and cannot be intercepted by third parties. Touscoprod uses Paybox, the European leader in online payments.

Can I change the amount of my contribution?

Yes, it is possible to change the amount of a contribution by submitting a request to: .

Where does the money go?

The funds are held by Touscoprod until the fundraising ends.

If successful, the total amount raised, without Touscoprod’s commission (+ bank charges = 8% VAT in total), is transferred to the project creator’s bank account within 15 days.

In case of failure, each backer is fully reimbursed.

Can I hide the amount of my contribution?

No, but it is possible to use a nickname when pledging money to a project. Other personal information can only be accessed by the project creator.

How to print a receipt?

To print a receipt, you must log in and go to " my transactions " and click on "receipt".

Receipts are generated after a campaign ends only if the fundraising succeeded.

Can I subscribe to more than one project at a time?

You are allowed to subscribe to as many projects as you wish.

When will my contribution be debited?

You are debited immediately after pledging money to a project. If the project does not reach its target in the allotted time, you will be fully refunded and your account will be credited with reserve.

What happens if the fundraising of a project I support does not succeed before the deadline?

When a project does not reach its goal, your contribution will be automatically refunded to your account with reserve.

What is a reserve?

Reserve is virtual money. When a project you supported fails to meet its target, your contribution is refunded back to you as Touscoprod credits. You can then decide to support an other project or or request a refund to your bank account.

How to spend my reserve on an other project?

You can spend your reserve on an other project by clicking on "produce this project”, then by choosing “reserve" as a mean of payment.

Can I transfer my contribution(s) from one project to another?

Yes, you can ask to cancel your contribution within 7 days in accordance with the statutory period of payment withdrawal. The amount is then returned to your account as reserve and you are free to spend those credits as you see fit.

How to redeem reserve?

To transfer back your Touscoprod credits to real money simply visit the dedicated interface, “ refund ” in your account or under “my transactions”.

The details of your credit card are required if they were not saved during your first payment. Refunds can take up to 72hours.

How do I cancel my contribution?

You have a 7-day statutory withdrawal period with effect from the day of your contribution. If you wish to cancel your payment all you need do is write to us at this address: quoting your nickname and the project you pledged money to.

Can I deduct my contribution from my taxes?

Yes but only when the creator of the project is a body of general interest. It is then the creators’ responsibility to send the appropriate paperwork to their backers. However, Based on current discussions held with tax authorities, it seems that in that case, regardless of how much money is pledged to the project, the given rewards cannot have a commercial value eg DVD, T-Shirt, sneak preview, etc.).

What happens if the project I supported does not see the light of day?

All contributions can represent a risk if the project is not brought to life.

Project creators are the most empowered to answer any questions you may have regarding their projects. Sometimes creators hit unexpected roadblocks, or simply underestimate how much work it takes to complete a project. Creators are expected to communicate these setbacks should they happen but if they don’t please try to contact them directly or alternatively contact our support team( ) if the project creator’s email is unknown to you.

Technical issues / features of the website

I am unable to log in.

First verify that the email you are using to log in is correct. You can renew your password using the forgotten password option on the login page.

I’ve forgotten my password!

Click on forgotten password on the login page and just input the email address associated with your account and we'll send you an email with a link to reset your password. If you do not receive this email, check the spam/junk folder in your mailbox.

I have not received any confirmation email after registering.

First check the spam/junk folder in your mailbox otherwise contact our support team: , quoting your username.

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