Members and backers FAQ

Here are answers to frequently asked questions.

How does it work?

Registering free with touscoprod gives you access to community production, this will enable you to back audiovisual projects, gain access to variable rewards depending on the size of your contribution and become involved in films you want to watch!

Who is a backer?

A backer is a member who supports film creation by contributing towards its funding. In exchange for their support, backers enjoy many rewards including that of viewing the films they support with contributions of €1 and over.

How does one back a project?

You need to be registered on touscoprod. Once identified, choose the project you wish to back from the catalogue, select the rewards that interest you and subscribe using your credit card or Paypal account.

I am unable to log in.

Check first of all that the e-mail address you are using to log in is the correct one then reset your password using the forgotten password? function on the website log-in page.

I’ve forgotten my password!

The forgotten password function is made for this. You’ll find it on the log in page. Fill in the e-mail address you used when registering, confirm and you will receive instantly an e-mail with the procedure to follow to choose a new password. If you didn’t get the e-mail, it may be because it was considered as spam so check your spam folder. Be also sure to use the latest version of your internet browser.

Who can back projects on touscoprod?

Any adult individual or legal entity that has a bank account can back a project on touscoprod.

I never received a confirmation e-mail to validate my registration.

First of all check your spam folder. If you don’t find there, please write us to and specify your nickname on this website.

What is a reward?

For each project there are ranges leading to different rewards according to the amount you are subscribing. These rewards are listed on the project page underneath the project description. The rewards can be invitations to the shoot, goodies, meetings with the film crews and many other things.

What happens if the project I am backing fails to reach its target before the closing date?

When a project fails to reach its target, your subscription is automatically refunded into your reserve. You can use this amount to back another project or ask for a refund on your bank account. Simply fill in the details of your credit card and you will be credited the amount within 48 hours.

When will my contribution be debited?

You are immediately debited from your subscription to the project you support. If this project does not reach its goal, you will be fully refunded.

What payment method can I use on the website?

To subscribe to a project, you can use your credit card (Visa, Master Card, ...) or your Paypal account. All payments on this website are completely secure.

Can I subscribe to more than one project at a time?

You are allowed to subscribe to as many projects as you wish.

How is money transferred from my reserve to my bank account?

To transfer money from your reserve to your bank account, you just go to refund my reserve from your profile under the « produce » tab. You will be asked to fill in your credit card information and your account will be credited within 48 hours. Know that the eCard can not be used for the wiring of your reserve to your bank account.

How do I cancel my contribution?

You have a 7-day statutory withdrawal period with effect from the day of your contribution. If you wish to cancel your payment all you need do is write to us at this address: stating your pseudonym as well as the project in question.

How can I promote the project I am backing?

On every project, tools are at your disposal to inform your circle of the existence of the project your are backing. These tools are on top of the project’s page, next to its picture or video.

How can I follow another user’s activity?

By using the « follow this member » on his profile page. This function is only available if you are logged in. This way, the newsfeed that appears on your profile under the « share » tab will show the activity of the followed member (his new productions, his comments on news etc.)