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Posting your project on touscoprod is simple. To maximise your chances, your project will be validate with a touscoprod coach before going online.

We accompany feature films, short films, documentaries, web documentaries, animations, video games - you name it.
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How does touscoprod work?

Touscoprod hosts all kinds of audiovisual projects. Each project is submitted and managed independently by the project creator. They take responsibility for and have complete control over their artistic vision.

Project creators build their touscoprod page, post their videos and updates, and offer their backers creative rewards. When they are ready, the creators launch their project and share it with their community.

So what’s the secret of a successful project?

Get involved, involve your family and friends, keep people posted on your progress and follow our advice - we’re there to help!

How is touscoprod remunerated?

If the project achieves 100% of its target level, touscoprod will deduct 10% plus VAT from the total collected by your campaign covering administrative expenses and bank charges.

What is the touscoprod master-class?

The touscoprod master-class is a training session on crowdfunding, which lasts for an hour and a half and is held by a member of the touscoprod team on the first three Wednesdays of each month at 10:00 am at our premises located at 40 rue de Paradis in Paris’ 10th district.
You can sign up free-of-charge here. At the end of the master-class, you will be equipped with all the necessary key tools to ensure that your campaign is a success. Furthermore, as a token of our pride in all our touscoprod pupils, we offer all master-class participants 2% of their target for the first campaign put on line on the touscoprod site in the month following the master-class.

Who are the team behind touscoprod?

We are team of eight, (give or take a few), our offices are at in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. We host a master-class at our offices two or three Wednesdays a month, these are opportunities to meet us and come and discuss your ideas.

We spend the rest of the time answering questions from project creators and backers, helping creators submit and run their pages, or thinking up great new services which will help project creators achieve success in their funding campaign on our website

Why is it

all or nothing?

Because if you ask for €5,000 to fund your project, you will not be able to tell your backers later that you will be happy with €1,000 if your campaign is unsuccessful. There is also an element of motivation for your backers: they want to support you in order to achieve an objective.

Our success rate is 69% on the website with an average of €8,000 raised for each project.

raised on average


69 %
Success rate

Why will backers take a bet on my project?

For our backers, supporting a project is a great deal more than simply donating cash, they are also backing a dream that they want to see coming to fruition.



Who are the backers?

Most backers are people who rally around their friends’ projects. Some support people they have admired for a long time. "Many just want to back a new idea." Others are inspired by the rewards or just feel like taking part in your endeavour.

Do backers receive financial reward from or rights to my project?

Touscoprod is a crowdfunding platform for donations in exchange for non-financial compensation. The project creator retains full title to the intellectual property and rights for his project.

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