My lonely Christmas in Berlin

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le March 18, 2017
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The pitch

Melanie is a French musician in her 30s living in Berlin. After the sudden passing of her grandmother, she finds herself alone for the first time at Christmas. Accompanied by Peter and her mechanic, she wanders the streets of Berlin, meets people, discovers another kind of Christmas, another Berlin and… maybe herself. Christmas as you have never seen it! A twisted tale in the streets of Berlin, which combines with humor fiction and documentary.

The project creator

Charlotte Roustang Berlin, Allemagne view my profil

Presentation of the project

Based on a personal experience, the film is a twisted Christmas tale mixing documentary and fiction. It starts a week before Christmas as a tragicomedy and turns into a road movie across the streets of Berlin. “My Lonely Christmas in Berlin” is Charlotte Roustang's first feature film, after the success of her shortfilm “The Saviour” screened in several festivals (Hof, Berlin, Mumbai, etc...) and broadcasted on the TV channel Arte in 2015, with the help from crowdfunders like YOU !

An experimental approach to creation and production

Refusing to choose between fiction and documentary, the director Charlotte Roustang doesn’tfollow the conventional path of feature film production: searching for a producer, asking for financing, build a big crew…
Instead, she embarked on this adventure by herself, three weeks before Christmas 2015.
A challenging bet during Christmas time and without a budget, but Charlotte took on the challenge and managed to gather a small and motivated team around her. Today, 80 % of the film have already been shot and the images are promising. There is now one last step to achieve: we need to find funds to finance the last shootings, the editing and the postproduction. That’s why we need your help!

A unique casting

Following her desire of being close to reality, Charlotte Roustang chose to work both with professional actors and people from real life.
Therefore, some of the characters are very close to their own nature: the postman, the mechanic, the German teacher or the trainer, play their own part in the film.
Charlotte wrote a basic outline and then works with the actors by playing with real situations and improvising.

The socio-political aspect
Through Melanie's wandering and people crossing her path, the film asks several strong questions about society and the place of each individual:
- the fear of precariousness and becoming homeless, as many people in her city
- the question of identity, a theme that is essential in Charlotte Roustang's work
- the discovery of other ways to live
The documentary approach allows the cast and crew, as well as the audience to enter a social reality that is not often accessible: two strong examples of this are a refugee center or a homeless shelter, organized by volunteers.
Confronted to this reality, Melanie and her circle explore the different meanings of the word “outsider”. Alone for Christmas, which is usually a cheerful time where family and community are at the epitome of their importance, Melanie looks for the support of strangers. Thanks to the different characters – real and fictional – she will find answers to her questions and will manage to form sincere companionships with other marginal souls.

A project 100% international
Taking Berlin as a main set, “My lonely Christmas in Berlin” is similar to the city: cosmopolitan and multicultural.
French, English and German are mixed in the dialogs and that strengthens the uniqueness of the dialogs. It is thus only natural for the team of the film to be made up of actors and technicians from all over the world: France, Germany, United States, Serbia, Israël, Australia, Austria, Spain, Mexico, Brasil, Poland, Russia and Turkey.

The budget
In the past year, we have dedicated all our energy and time to the film. Today, without any external fund and without using the classical system of financing a film, we have almost made it.

Christmas is only in 10 days!
It represents the unique opportunity for us to shoot the last scenes that we need.
Between the 23rd and the 31st of December 2016, we want to film new documentary scenes at the Refugees Shelter, at the Christmas Party of homeless persons and some fictional scenes in the city illuminated by Christmas decorations.
Because the film is based on this special and real atmosphere, we can’t miss Christmas time, which happens only once a year!

We know that the timing is short but we believe that we can make it with your help!

Why do we ask for 6000€?
6000€ represents the minimum sum we need to be able to go on and work in the next weeks. To give us more money would allow us to pay for postproduction and finish the movie without interruption.

Help financing the first feature film of Charlotte Roustang. Let’s prove that together we can create a remarkable and popular movie! Thank you so much!

Project team

the casting

  • CharlotteRoustang BartholomewSammut KarimCherif MonikaWojtyllo
  • CarstenLudwig AndreyWaltuch SebastianWilsdorff PierreKiwitt
  • MarioMentrup Jean-DenisRömer Maria Hengge AnnetteLober
  • AnjorkaStrechel Marc Aden Gray StuartAusten AngusMcGruther
  • AnnaBullard

the team

  • Charlotte Roustang Editor Web site Gabriel Felix Web site Peter Roehsler Web site Miroslav Babic Web site Sylvain Coutandin Web site Carsten Ludwig 1er assistant Web site Okran Bayram Ingénieur du son additionnel Frank Bubenzer Ingénieur du son additionnel, montage dialogu Web site

What will the money be used for?

For €6,000 or more

We will be able to pay back all the expenses of Christmas 2016 shooting (technicians salary, production fees, food, equipment rental).

For €10,000 or more

To give us more money would allow us to be financially independent for the next months and the many steps of post-production.

With 4000€ more, we will pay an editor to make a rough cut of the entire movie. We will thus have a first version to show to film distributors who could promote the film.

For €15,000 or more

We will work on a more advanced version of editing and work with a composer on the soundtrack.

For €20,000 or more

We will be able to start the sound editing and the color correction.

For €26,000 or more

We will hire a supervisor to make the special effects of the most important shots and we will be able to finish the sound postproduction.

For €30,000 or more

We will hire a translator to make the subtitles of that multilingual film and create the master copies on hard drives (DCP).

For €35,000 or more

We will conceive the poster and the marketing tools of the film and will apply to many festivals (fees).

For €40,000 or more

Above 35000€, we will work in better technical conditions and have more money for communication, which is very important for the film to be seen by more people!
We thank you so much!


WE MADE IT !!! MANY MANY THANKS TO ALL OF YOU : THIS MONEY WILL FINANCE THE EDITING OF THE FILM !!! Which is the most important. With the editing, the biggest step will be made. Then, it will be easier to find partners to support the postproduction. We have 1 day left: if you like to share a last time the link, we might get a bit more to already support the postproduction (the color correction and the sound design). And if you like to follow the progression of the project and also watch some excerpts of scenes, you can also like the Facebook page of the film : Thanks to everybody for your support to the film. I send to all my supporters and team and actors a lot of love!!! Charlotte

10 days left to reach the minimum amount I need to cut the roughcut (first version of the film edited). If you have 5 minutes, you can spread the link of the campaign toward your friends and family : maybe some will like to support. For the ones who don´t know Berlin, we offer for exemple an original Berlin kit to discover the city. Beside that, the film festival Berlinale is over. I got positive feedbacks on the project. World sales see a good potential for the festivals. They now expect top watch the roughcut. So fingers crossed that the crowdfunding functions that I can finance the editing. And here is an article from the Ex-Berliner who followed me during the festival: - Have a nice Sunday! And many thanks for your support.

All my best !!

Hate de découvrir ce film. Bravo Charlotte ! et Happy birthday

Merci à tous pour votre soutien! Thanks a lot to you all for your support! Voici un article dans VIVRE A BERLIN que vous pouvez partager. "Alors que Berlin s’apprête à vivre 10 jours sous le signe du 7è art avec la 67è édition de la Berlinale, devenez coproducteur en donnant un coup de pouce au projet de film de Charlotte Roustang, « Mon Noël (très) berlinois », une magnifique ode à la capitale allemande. Filmé en noir et blanc, mêlant fiction et documentaire, « Mon Noël (très) berlinois » est un conte social et déjanté prenant place dans les rues de Berlin. Mélanie (Charlotte Roustang), une musicienne française expatriée, se retrouve seule pour la première fois à Noël, après le décès de sa grand-mère. De fil en aiguille, elle est entraînée dans les rues de Berlin grâce à des rencontres inoubliables. Elle y découvre la face cachée de Noël et une ville comme elle ne l’avait encore jamais vue. (...)" LIRE LA SUITE et découvrez d´autres photos du film sur "Vivre à Berlin": unnamed.jpg

Happy new year - Frohes neues Jahr - Bonne année That this year bring you peace, love, joy and keeps you healthy. Follow us on Facebook if you want to follow regularly the campaign : And don´t forget to share the link of the campaign to your network. We have only 3 weeks left and it´s not much but there is still 4300 EUR to find. Many many thanks and all my best wishes for you, your family and your friends. Charlotte Roustang

Bonjour Charlotte, Je vois que ton projet de financement participatif avance à grand pas. J'espère que tu parviendras à terminer ton Noël très Berlinois. Je suis impatient de voir le résultat final. J'espère que tu seras récompensée pour ce 1er long métrage. Je termine par ces quelques mots : bon noël à Berlin et une excellente année avec plein de belles choses. Bises G. Blet.

Joyeux Noel - Merry Christmas - Froh Weihnachten - Feliz Navidad I hope you have a great time with your family or your friends or resting at home nicely. J´espère que vous passez un bon moment en famille ou avec vos amis ou tranquilles à la maison. Many thanks for your support to my film !! Merci beaucoup pour votre soutien à mon film !! Yesterday we filmed a Christmas party for the homeless and the ones who have less than others. We also filmed in a very typical Berlin bar having burlesque-sexy shows. It was all very nice and warm, and supported what I want to bring with the film : that if we cannot or do not want to celebrate Christmas the traditional way and if we feel lonely on that day more than on the others, that there are many other people who are also in this situation at Christmas but who found a way to make it as a nice moment out of the traditional context - by helping other people or by going in some places where it´s possible to enjoy with other people. Hier nous avons filmé une soirée de Noel pour les personnes précaires et SDF. Puis nous avons aussi capturé les moments de folie, de joie et de chaleur dans un bar typiquement berlinois qui programme des shows burlesques et sexy. Ce furent de moments différents et cependant dans les deux cas trés chaleureux. C´est mon intention en captant ces situations de montrer qu´il est possible de passer un Noel heureux hors du contexte traditionnel et que de nombreuses personnes sont dans la meme situation à Noel mais qu´elles ont décidé d´aider les autres à cette occasion ou de se rencontrer dans des bars qui ouvrent à cette occasion. Vous voulez continuer à aider le film / you want to help the film further : Je vous invite à cliquer sur "J´AIME" sur la page Facebook / I invite you to "LIKE" the Facebook page of the film : (the more clicks we get, the better chances we have to convince sponsors and partners to help the project). And invite your friends to support the film on this campaign / Et invitez votre entournage à soutenir le film : English : French : German : Here another video introducing the film - in English with German subtitles: MANY THANKS AGAIN AND MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!! Charlotte


Une nouvelle belle aventure pour toi Charlotte, et pour ton equipe. J'espere de tout cœur que vous parviendrez à terminer ce film; j'ai hâte de le voir. J'en profite pour te souhaiter un Joyeux Noel Berlinois, et une tres belle année 2017, avec la realisation de tous tes rêves. Je t'embrasse. Brigitte Roustang.

Bonjour Charlotte, C'est une excellente nouvelle que tu aies atteint les 1000 €. C'est une formidable initiative que d'aider son prochain. C'est ce que tout le monde devrait faire. Longue vie à ton premier grand film ! Guillaume

En mois d´une semaine, nous avons dépassé les 1000 euros grace à vous. Merci à tous !!! In less than a week, we received more than 1000 euros. We are very grateful thanks to everyone who donated !!! Découvrez une photo de notre tournage de samedi avec Snoopy - organisatrice d´une action qui offre des cadeaux de Noel aux SDF et à leurs chiens à Berlin. Il faisait froid mais on était heureux de rencontrer les bénévoles et d'aider ceux qui donnent un peu de chaleur humaine aux sans abris. Plus de photos sur la page facebook du film Discover a picture of saturday shooting with Snoopy - the organizer of this action to give gifts for Christmas to the homeless people with dogs. It was cold but nice to get to know the helpers and be part of the ones who give a bit of warmth to the ones who are living in the street with their companion dogs. More pictures to discover on the Facebook page of the film :

Bonjour Charlotte, Je suis devenu co-producteur de ton premier long-métrage. Longue vie à Mon Noël (très) Berlinois ! Guillaume

UN GRAND MERCI A VOUS / A BIG THANK TO YOU - Vous etes les premiers à avoir contribué au projet / You are the first who have supported the project. THE NEWS : The shooting restarts tomorrow. Thanks to "Snoopy"and her team of helpers to welcome us to film tomorrow at their action touring Berlin and distributing Christmas gifts for the homeless and their dogs. More info about this action that happens during Christmas season (maybe you want to join) :… We will send you a little makingof short instant video in direct from the shooting tomorrow...

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